Poems about Using Someone: Exploring the Complexities of Relationships

In the realm of poetry, love and relationships are common themes that have been explored since time immemorial. While many poems celebrate the beauty and joy of love, there is also a darker side to relationships that poets have delved into. One such aspect is the concept of using someone, where a person takes advantage of another for their own gain. This article will explore the complexities of relationships through a selection of powerful poems that delve into this theme.

  1. 1. "The User" by Maya Angelou
  2. 2. "Used" by Lang Leav
  3. 3. "The Puppeteer's Strings" by Robert Frost

1. "The User" by Maya Angelou

She calls me friend
But uses me as a means to an end
She smiles, she laughs
But behind it all, she plots and crafts
Her sweet words, like honey, they flow
But her intentions, I've come to know
I am her stepping stone, a pawn in her game
Her actions, they all point to one aim
To use me, to discard me, to move ahead
But I'll rise above, no longer misled
For I am not a tool, I am not weak
I'll break free from her grip, I'll no longer seek
Her friendship, her validation, her lies
I'll find my worth, I'll reclaim my skies
So, use me no more, for I am strong
I'll write my story, I'll sing my song.

2. "Used" by Lang Leav

I thought you were my sunshine
But all along, you were the rain
You used me, like a puppet on a string
And my heart, it bore the pain
You took my love, my trust, my all
And left me empty, hollow, and small
But I have learned, I have grown
No longer will I let myself be thrown
Into a pit of despair, of darkness and gloom
I'll rise above, I'll find my own bloom
For I am not a vessel, not a toy
I'll find my worth, I'll reclaim my joy
So, use me no more, for I am whole
I'll rewrite my story, mend my soul.

3. "The Puppeteer's Strings" by Robert Frost

He pulls the strings, I dance his tune
A marionette, trapped in a puppet's gloom
He uses me, my every move he controls
I am his creation, his heartless souls
His fingers, they twirl, they twist, they bend
I am at his mercy, a means to an end
But one day I'll break free, I'll cut the strings
No longer his puppet, no longer tied to these things
For I am a person, not just a prop
I'll find my voice, I'll make it stop
The puppeteer's control, his deceit
I'll find my freedom, I'll find my beat
So, use me no more, for I have found
The strength to stand, on solid ground.

Exploring the theme of using someone in poetry allows us to understand the darker aspects of relationships. These poems remind us of the importance of recognizing our own worth and standing up against those who try to manipulate or take advantage of us. Through the power of words, poets like Maya Angelou, Lang Leav, and Robert Frost highlight the journey of reclaiming one's strength and finding independence. So, let these poems serve as a reminder to value ourselves and never allow anyone to use us as mere instruments in their games.

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